Hydration+ Getting Started

Getting Started Video

  1. Remove the Hydration+ Vessel from the packaging, then remove the flavor tank cartridge from the lid. Take off the red sticker inside the flavor tank. Ensure that the small, silicone duckbill valve is pushed flat against the flavor tank. 
  2. Wash the entire system with warm, soapy water. 
  3. Fill the flavor tank with a Hydration+ Elixir. Ensure that the flavor tank’s cap is completely closed. Prime your system before reinserting the flavor tank.
  4. Fill the bottle with water. 

Priming instructions:

  1. Take the lid off of your Hydration+ vessel and attach the straw. Turn your system on by turning the flavor dial clockwise. 
  2. Place your finger on the bottom of the straw, then forcefully suck on the mouthpiece. You should feel and hear air pulling through the system. 
  3. Repeat two to three times to ensure the seals are moving inside of the system.

Final assembly:

  1. Reinsert the flavor tank in the lid, then put the lid back on the bottle. Turn the dial counterclockwise. Drink until all air bubbles are gone and water comes through the system. 
  2. Turn the flavor dial clockwise. Suck on the mouthpiece to ensure flavor fills the mixing chamber for the first time. This may take a few seconds. 
  3. Turn the dial to your desired level of flavor. Enjoy!